eSIM, short for "Embedded SIM," is like a virtual SIM card built into your device's hardware. Instead of inserting a physical card, all the necessary information is inside the device itself.

How Does eSIM Work?

Think of it as a digital key that connects your device to a mobile network. It contains details about the network you're using and how your device will be identified and authenticated.

With eSIM, you can connect to the internet and make calls without needing a physical SIM card. It works by connecting your device directly to a cellular network using radio waves. As long as there's cellular coverage nearby, you can stay connected without any extra hardware.

What Are The Benefits of eSIM? 

The best part? You can switch between different data plans easily, no need to swap physical SIM cards. To get started, check if your device is eSIM compatible and network unlocked. If it is, simply add an eSIM plan from Textr Go, and you're ready to enjoy 4G data along with the calling and texting services provided by Textr Go.

Now you know how eSIM works. If you want to use Textr Go eSIM, you can check out How Can I Use Textr Go eSIM Data Plan. Got questions? Feel free to contact our support team, we are here to assist you.