You can upgrade or downgrade your phone number usage plan at any time. Follow the steps below to manage your plan. 

Step 1. Open Textr Go App on your phone > Number Tab > Manage Numbers

Step 2. Click Manage on your number card

Step 3. Select the plan you want to upgrade or downgrade

Step 4-1. If you choose to UPGRADE, you may be asked when you would like it to take effect.

  • Immediately: Texts and talk minutes will be added to your phone number immediately, you’ll need to pay the difference. The billing cycle will change and start on the date your new plan takes effect.
  • Next Billing Cycle: The new plan will be effective on the next billing cycle, and you will continue to use the current plan. 

Step 4-2. If you choose to DOWNGRADE, your new subscription will be effective on the next billing cycle. 

Note: Once you have upgraded your free phone number, you may not be able to downgrade to the free plan.