Currently, Textr Go accepts different payment methods for phone number plans and eSIM data plans.

Phone Number Plans (including Text and Call):

To purchase phone number plans, you need to first top up with Textr Go Coins. You can purchase Textr Go Coins using one of these four methods: Credit CardApple PayGoogle Pay, or

eSIM Data Plans:

To purchase eSIM data plans, we currently only support payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Please be aware that eSIM data plans do not accept payments via, and Textr Go Coins cannot be used for purchasing eSIM data plans.

Please note:

Textr Go's phone number plans and eSIM data plans are separate services. Phone number plans do not include eSIM data, and eSIM data plans do not include phone number services.

We will continue to add more payment methods to make your checkout experience more flexible and convenient. If you have any payment issues, please contact us at