For USA/Canada:

  • Eligible Plans: Only half-yearly and yearly plans can directly receive verification codes.
  • Important Note: To receive codes from WhatsApp, Chase, and PayPal, you must choose a monthly plan priced at least 279 Textr Go Coins (about $8) or higher. Lower-priced plans (e.g. Starter Plan) are unable to receive codes from these apps, and there will be no error alerts. Codes from other apps are accessible with an additional payment or a VIP membership.

For UK:

  • Eligible Plans: Only Exclusive Mobile Number with monthly, half-yearly and yearly plans support direct receipt of verification codes.

Please note that due to differences in platform standards, we cannot guarantee compatibility with all platforms.

Plan Details Overview - Direct Receipt of Verification Code

Country/RegionNumber TypePlan TypeMonthlyHalf-YearlyYearly
USA/CanadaBasic NumberPremium


UKBasic Number

Exclusive Mobile Number