Available Services:

  • SMS Service: Supports sending and receiving texts; voice calling is not available.
  • Verification Code Plans: Only plans that allow direct receipt of verification codes are available for purchase. Refer to our verification code guidelines for details.
  • VIP Membership: The web version does not offer VIP purchase options. However, if VIP was purchased within the app, it remains usable on the web version for receiving verification codes.
  • Payment Reminder: When attempting to receive a verification code in the web version with a plan purchased through the app that does not support direct receipt, you will be prompted to pay 10 Coins to view the code.

Feature Limitations

The Textr Go web version does not support the following app-exclusive features:

  • Voice calls
  • VIP Membership features
  • MMS
  • Voice mail

Account Use: Accounts registered on the web version can also be used in the app, allowing for a single registration for dual-platform use.

For additional assistance, please contact our support team at support@textrapp.com.

Features Comparison

FeatureWeb VersionApp
Voice Calls
Messaging Service
VIP Membership FeaturesOnly available for users who purchased in-app
Voice Mail
Invite Friends
Plan Purchase OptionsLimited to Verification Code PlansAll