About Textr Go

Textr Go is a personal communication app that you can use on IOS and Android devices. With Textr Go, you have the chance to get a free virtual phone number that allows you to talk and text nationwide within the United States and Canada. Our free plan covers the most basic communication you need, or you can upgrade your plan to get more usage. If you want more privileges, you can become a VIP to unlock our advanced features, including Call Recording, Voicemail to Text, Do Not Disturb, and more. 

Note: For some remote areas of Canada and the United States, such as Yukon and Alaska, we may charge you Textr Go coins as a result of a higher calling rate.

Textr Go Free Version 

You can use Textr Go over wifi or your currently existing data plan from your carrier. The Textr Go free version will offer you:

  • A chance to get a free phone number
  • A certain number of nationwide text messages and talk minutes per month
  • Multi-platform access: you can sign in to your account on multiple devices and your data will be synchronous. 

Other than that, you can: 

  • Buy one or more phone numbers and manage them in one account
  • Chances to get free Textr Go coins and use them for in-app purchases
  • Flexible to upgrade your plan or account

Phone Numbers

You can choose a number from any area code in Canada or the United States. (The UK numbers will be available soon)

Plans You Can Choose for Your Phone Number

Starter Plan: This is a default plan that is assigned to your free phone number. In other words, if you get a free phone number successfully, you can use the plan to text and call for free!

  • 100 SMS/MMS per month
  • 100 talk minutes per month

Standard Plan: Satisfy most personal daily communication needs 

  • 1000 SMS/MMS per month
  • 1000 talk minutes per month 

Premium Plan: Suitable for high demand in communication needs. Fair usage policy may apply.

  • Unlimited SMS/MMS per month
  • Unlimited talk minutes per month

VIP Account with Advanced Features

You can upgrade to a VIP account with the Textr Go Coins, which offers you the following privileges:

  • Ad free
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to Text
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forwarding

Note: All your numbers in the account have access to advanced features.